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Welcome to Huia Living—Auckland’s leading portable home provider! Discover the perfect blend of efficiency and style with our range of transportable tiny homes and cabins, crafted right here in New Zealand. Whether you’re looking to expand your living space or embark on the journey of homeownership, our affordable, self-contained units are built with high-quality materials designed to endure New Zealand’s toughest conditions.

Explore how Huia Living can tailor a smart, sustainable portable home solution for you. Embrace the tiny living movement with confidence, knowing you’re opting for quality and affordability. Get your free instant quote today and start your tiny home journey!


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About Us

#1 Auckland Portable Home Company

Welcome to Huia Living, where we bring the dream of simplified, sustainable living within your reach. Our specialty lies in crafting a diverse range of prefabricated transportable homes that combine functionality with aesthetic beauty to enhance your property’s value. Our homes are built with locally sourced materials that meet both New Zealand and international standards, ensuring durability and quality.

Our skilled team ensures that every home we deliver surpasses expectations with its craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Dive into a minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle with Huia Living, where quality and client satisfaction are at the forefront of what we do.

We cater to a variety of needs and budgets, offering different styles and options to ensure there’s a Huia Home perfect for everyone. From individuals seeking a cozy, eco-conscious retreat to families looking for a budget-friendly housing solution, we provide choices that make tiny living accessible and stylish. Contact us today for a free quote and begin your journey with Huia Living, where every home is a step towards a sustainable future. Reach out to us at 0800 452 153
to explore our tiny home options and find the one that’s right for you.


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Our Range

Choose From Our Crafted Range Of Auckland Relocatable Homes

Coastal Range

Our durable Coastal Cabins are built to precise specifications, offering affordable, comfortable, and versatile solutions for living, working, or entertaining on any property. Experience seamless purchasing with rapid lead times and transparent construction updates, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

1 Bedroom Cabin

This self-contained 1-bedroom cabin is available in 6 different floor plans for 8 x 3m and 9 x 3m cabins, featuring a kitchen/dining/lounge area and a separate bedroom. It is fully insulated and equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, offering the ultimate solution for your accommodation needs. The cabin boasts modern styling with quality fixtures and fittings throughout. Transportable on a trailer, it provides easy and affordable access to your property.

2 Bedroom Cabin

Workmanship and service delivery are non-negotiable; in order to guarantee the best possible outcome and consistency from our team and stakeholders, we have a rigorous 147-point quality assurance check-list and a three-step sign-off process that involves the team members, the project manager, and the team leader before you sign off in the end.

Studio Cabin

Coastal’s studio cabins, our smallest and most economical self-contained options, come in sizes of 14.4m2, 18m2, and 21.6m2, designed to comfortably fit a double or queen-size bed. These stylish, fully insulated cabins provide year-round comfort and combine a kitchen, dining, lounge, and bedroom space, with a separate bathroom area. Equipped with ample power outlets and roller blinds for privacy, these cabins are perfect for tight spaces or as extra accommodation. The larger model, in particular, has proven very popular as an effective solution for hosting family and friends or personal use during extended building projects.

Evoke Range

Our Evoke range provides spacious, trailer-mounted relocatable houses that combine mobility with comfort, designed to precise specifications for easy relocation without complex consents. Enjoy customizable options with straightforward purchasing, quick lead times, and clear updates throughout the construction process.

1 Bedroom Cabin

The Evoke Range offers compact, designer portable houses on trailers, providing mobility without the need for complex consents and ensuring all the comforts of a traditional home. Each unit features a spacious living room, bedroom with ample storage, and a modern kitchen with built-in appliances, customizable with optional laundry and your choice of stylish finishes like charred timber or macrocarpa. Designed to be fully code-compliant, these homes are quickly constructed and delivered with all necessary certifications for plumbing and electrical works.

2 Bedroom Cabin

The Evoke Range 2-bedroom relocatable house combines luxury and practicality in a mobile small home, ideal for singles or families. Featuring a living room, master bedroom with extensive storage, and a designer kitchen with all appliances—plus options like an en suite and laundry—this model offers three floor plans for 10 x 3m or 12 x 3m homes. Built on trailers for easy relocation without complex consents, each house is constructed to code, ensuring full home comforts and durability. Clad with your choice of charred timber or natural macrocarpa, these quickly delivered homes are beautifully crafted inside and out, complete with all necessary plumbing and electrical certifications.

Why Choose A Portable Home For Your Auckland Property?

Building or buying a portable home can make a significant impact on your lifestyle. Whether you’re a property manager looking to offer innovative living solutions or a homeowner seeking functionality and simplicity, investing in a transportable home can be a rewarding experience if approached correctly.

Our team of tiny home builders is experienced in working with both homeowners and property managers across Auckland, tailoring each tiny home to meet specific individual needs. We focus on client-specific solutions, ensuring that no two tiny homes are the same.

We favor a straightforward process, offering free consultations through to the completion of your tiny home. Each project is managed by a dedicated project manager, involving you in every step to ensure your tiny home meets your expectations. Our designers and builders are committed to providing excellent craftsmanship and customer service, making your transition to tiny living seamless and enjoyable.

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Our Process

Our Auckland Relocatable Homes Process

The coordination of the various trades and specialties involved in your movable house project will be managed by a single point of contact, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient procedure from start to finish. Building a transportable home has a significant lifestyle influence as well as improving the utility and property value of your area. This journey encompasses several pivotal phases from the beginning to the end, offering a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate throughout this groundbreaking undertaking.

Step 1 | Free Consultation

Start your tiny home journey with a free consultation. We discuss your vision, needs, and the specific requirements you have for your new tiny home. This initial meeting helps us understand what you’re looking for in terms of style, functionality, and location.


Step 2 | Design Customization

Based on the consultation, our team drafts a design that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle needs. As each tiny home is unique, this step ensures that your home will be perfectly suited to you, from its layout to its aesthetic details.


Step 3 | Project Management

Once the design is finalized, a dedicated project manager is assigned to your build. This manager is your point of contact throughout the process, keeping you informed and involved at every stage. They ensure that the project adheres to the agreed timeline, budget, and quality standards.


Step 4 | Construction

Our skilled builders and craftsmen take over to construct your tiny home using high-quality materials and sustainable practices. Attention to detail is paramount as we strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Step 5 | Completion and Delivery

Upon completion, we walk you through your new tiny home to ensure every aspect meets your approval. Following your final approval, we prepare your home for delivery, handling all the logistics to ensure it arrives at your chosen location safely and ready for you to move in.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Auckland Transportable Home Company

Are you looking for a dependable, reasonably priced, and prompt portable home construction company? There’s no other place to search. Our talented team of transportable home builders can assist turn your dream relocateable home into a reality.

Proudly Local, Supporting Our Community

We take pride in being a locally owned and operated business. Every tiny home is constructed right here in New Zealand, using locally sourced materials whenever possible. By choosing us, you’re not only getting a top-quality home but also supporting the local economy and workforce.

Unlock Your Dream Without Breaking the Bank

We understand the importance of budgeting, especially when it comes to your living space. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our tiny homes, ensuring you can achieve your dream of minimalist living without compromising on quality or financial well-being.

Built to Last with Premium Materials

Every tiny home we build is a product of high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Our homes are designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting comfort, backed by a comprehensive warranty that guarantees peace of mind alongside superior build quality.

Complete 'Done for You' Service

From the initial design consultation to handing over the keys, our 'done for you' service ensures you have a hassle-free journey to tiny home ownership. Our team manages all aspects of the construction and setup process, so you can enjoy the creative aspects of designing your home without the stress of the logistical details.

Customizable Options to Fit Your Financial Plan

We believe everyone deserves a home that reflects their style without compromising on financial goals. Our range of designs and customizable options means that whatever your budget, we have a tiny home that can match your preferences and financial circumstances perfectly.

Streamlined Process from Start to Finish

Embarking on the tiny home lifestyle should be exciting, not overwhelming. Our team handles all the details—from securing permits to final installation—ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience. Sit back and watch as your tiny home becomes a reality, with minimal effort on your part.

We Are A Business Who Cares, And it Shows


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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a project to construct a mobile home could transform your living area and raise a lot of questions about the process, materials, costs, and expected outcomes. To assist you in making these decisions, we’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ section with answers to commonly asked questions about portable home construction. This application is meant to assist you in all phases of the undertaking, from the initial planning to the finishing touches. We encourage you to contact us directly if you have any further questions or would need more specialized advice. Our goal is to help and mentor you on your transformative journey while making sure your small home meets your needs and vision.

We use our own vehicles for delivery, requiring an unobstructed access path of at least 3.7m in width and 3.5m in height.

While technically possible, it requires a vehicle with a towing capacity over 3.5 tons, dynamic braking, and appropriate vehicle signage and lighting. We recommend utilizing our experienced delivery team for convenience and safety.


Yes, the cabin is permanently welded to the trailer, providing structural rigidity and the flexibility to relocate without needing building consents, similar to a caravan.


No building consent is needed as our cabins are considered temporary accommodation and are similar to caravans. They do not require consent if under 30 square meters or mounted on a trailer, though local council regulations can vary.


The cabin includes a standard flush toilet, with options for chemical or composting toilets. Waste water can be managed through a macerating pump (optional) that facilitates easy connection to septic or sewer systems. Alternatively, grey water can be reused in gardens or drained into existing gully traps.


Connection should be handled by a registered local plumber to comply with health and safety standards, and to meet any local council requirements.


A 15m power cord and adapter are provided for a 16-amp supply, with capability for upgrade to 32 amps. For more demanding appliances, consider installing a dedicated power circuit through a certified electrician.


Plumbing setups are designed for easy connection by a plumber, or an ordinary garden hose can be used for simpler setups.
Access requires a minimum of 3.7m clearance and 3.5m height free from obstacles. The site should be flat or near-level, free from overhead obstructions like trees or wires. Our team will assess the delivery and installation site beforehand.
The cabin should be placed at least 3m from property boundaries, though closer placement may be possible with neighbor consent. Local council guidelines should also be consulted.
The tow bar is 1.5m long and retracts for convenience.

The cabin's height is 3.3m from the ground to the highest point of the roof when on the trailer, with an interior height ranging from 2.2m to 2.8m.


A TV cable is pre-installed in each cabin.
We recommend using a WiFi router, which your internet service provider can supply and set up.
No, our cabins are pre-built in our factory and delivered ready for immediate use.
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