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Who’s watching your home or business when you can’t? Our CCTV security camera installations offer peace of mind with customized solutions, including indoor/outdoor cameras, night recording, and smartphone monitoring.


CCTV Security Camera Installation Specialists in Wellington

Who’s watching your home or business when you can’t? Our CCTV security camera installations give you total peace of mind when you can’t be there in person.

Depending on your needs, CCTV surveillance systems can be installed at home or work to deter intruders and prevent theft, record incidents and provide evidence, manage staff and monitor health & safety, and improve systems and productivity.

We customise, supply, install, and service CCTV systems for your home or business. Our offerings include indoor and outdoor security cameras, day and night (infrared) recording, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) and covert cameras, high definition digital video recording, and IP security cameras with smartphone video monitoring. We also provide integration with alarms, access control, and monitoring services. 

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As Wellington’s premier installer of CCTV security camera systems, catering to both residential and commercial clients, we are proud of our 20 years of outstanding service. Our expertise in a variety of systems enables us to provide customized, efficient security solutions that fit your budget and safety requirements.

Choosing our services guarantees attentive, personalized care from a dedicated and experienced professional, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every aspect of our work.

Whether it’s installing new security cameras, conducting repairs, replacing old units, or performing routine maintenance, our comprehensive services are designed to meet all your security needs.

Why Choose Our Wellington Security Camera Experts?

Our Wellington security camera installation team is always ready to provide expert services, available 24/7 to ensure you receive prompt assistance whenever needed. We pride ourselves on our quick response, offering same-day services for urgent needs and punctual arrivals.

Our team comprises licensed professionals with deep expertise in security camera systems, enabling effective installation and maintenance with a focus on quality and efficiency.

We commit to transparency, keeping you fully informed throughout the process and providing upfront, competitive pricing. Whether addressing issues with your existing system or considering a new installation, our experts are prepared to assess your needs and provide tailored solutions that ensure optimal functionality and energy efficiency.

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Affordable Security Camera Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties in Wellington

Our security camera installation services cater to both residential and commercial clients in Wellington, providing a broad range of solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of each sector.

Residential Security Camera Systems Wellington

In Wellington, selecting the right security camera system is crucial for homeowners who desire security and surveillance all year round. Our residential security camera services are customized to fit the specific needs of each home, including installation, maintenance, and repair of various camera models suitable for different house sizes and layouts. We provide tailored solutions by assessing each home to recommend the most effective and economical options, ensuring optimal security. Our licensed professionals deliver high-quality installations and perform regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of the cameras. Additionally, we offer ongoing support after installation to help homeowners maximize their investment, ensuring they can maintain a secure and monitored home environment.

Commercial Security Camera Systems Wellington

In Wellington, our security camera installation services for commercial properties are tailored to meet the distinct needs of businesses large and small. We understand the specific requirements of different commercial spaces, from compact offices to expansive retail environments, and offer a variety of security camera systems that can be customized to these varied demands. Our team of certified professionals is skilled in designing, installing, and maintaining security camera systems to optimize performance and enhance security. We focus on energy-efficient solutions that help reduce operational costs and environmental impact, ensuring consistent surveillance in large areas to enhance comfort and security for both employees and customers. Moreover, we offer regular maintenance and support to minimize downtime and extend the life of your systems.

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In addition to our comprehensive heat pump services, we offer a range of related electrical products and services designed to enhance your heating and cooling systems and improve overall energy efficiency:

  • Smart Thermostats: Upgrade your system with smart thermostats that allow for automated temperature control, remote access via smartphone, and real-time energy usage monitoring.

  • Energy Management Systems: Implement advanced energy management systems that optimize the power consumption of your heat pumps and other electrical devices, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Electrical Maintenance Services: Regular maintenance checks and services to ensure all your electrical systems are running smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Lighting Solutions: We provide modern, energy-efficient lighting installations that can improve the ambiance and reduce the energy costs of your commercial or residential spaces.

  • Solar Power Solutions: Harness the power of the sun with our solar panel installations, a perfect complement to your heat pump system for an even greater reduction in energy expenditure.

Each of these services is designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your home or business. By integrating these solutions, we help you create a more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable environment.

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Why Choose Our Local Wellington Security Experts?

Looking for swift, reliable, and affordable security camera installation services in Wellington? Our wellington security solutions team has you covered. Serving the entire Wellington region, we are committed to providing top-tier installation and maintenance services for security cameras, tailored specifically to meet your unique needs.

Quality Products

We prioritize durability and efficiency by using only high-quality materials for all our electrical services. This commitment to excellence ensures that every installation, repair, and upgrade we perform is robust and reliable, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.


Our team takes immense pride in being a certified electrical service, recognized for adhering to the highest professional standards and industry regulations. Our certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional electrical services across every aspect of our work.

Trained Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, each contributing a wealth of expertise and meticulous execution to every electrical project. Through continuous training and development, we ensure that our staff remain at the forefront of the industry, always equipped with the latest electrical techniques and technologies.

Guaranteed Fast Response

Our electrical team is renowned for our exceptionally quick response times, ensuring that your urgent electrical issues are addressed with immediate and effective action. We understand the critical nature of electrical emergencies, which is why our operations are optimized for speed, ensuring rapid, high-quality solutions that do not compromise on detail or effectiveness. This swift responsiveness underscores our commitment to superior service and client satisfaction, setting us apart in the electrical sector.

Award-Winning Quality and Service

Our commitment to quality and excellence in electrical services has earned us industry awards and high client satisfaction ratings. We take pride in delivering projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and client-focused service have established us as leaders in Wellington's electrical sector.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our commitment to top-tier quality and excellence in electrical services has garnered recognition through industry awards and outstanding client satisfaction ratings. We take pride in consistently surpassing client expectations with every project, thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and focused dedication to client needs. This steadfast commitment has positioned us as leaders in Wellington's electrical sector, establishing us as pioneers who set the benchmarks for excellence and innovation in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on an electrical project can significantly enhance the functionality and performance of your home’s systems. We understand you might have numerous questions about the electrical process, from selecting the right fixtures to understanding the associated costs and timelines. To help, we’ve developed a comprehensive FAQ section.

Our FAQs are designed to provide clear answers and boost your confidence as you proceed with your electrical upgrades or installations. Covering everything from full system overhauls to individual fixture installations, our guide addresses all aspects of the electrical process. If you still have questions or need personalized advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert team is ready to assist at every step of your electrical project, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.


We offer a range of cameras including indoor, outdoor, motion-sensitive, and night vision cameras. Each type serves different purposes, and we can help you choose based on your specific security needs.

Yes, most of our systems support remote access which allows you to view live feeds and recorded footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, anywhere at any time.

Our installation process includes an initial assessment, system design, setting up the cameras and network equipment, and final system configuration to ensure everything is functioning seamlessly.


Costs vary based on the number of cameras, type of cameras, and complexity of installation. We provide a detailed quote after the initial site assessment.

Yes, all our cameras come with a manufacturer's warranty, and our installation services include a service guarantee to ensure satisfaction with your new system.

We offer maintenance tips and can schedule regular check-ups to ensure your system is always running optimally. Maintenance generally involves cleaning the cameras, checking connections, and updating software.

Yes, our night vision cameras are capable of recording clear video in complete darkness, making them ideal for 24/7 surveillance.

Our outdoor cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation regardless of rain, wind, or snow.

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