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Our Wellington cladding specialists are dedicated to transforming homes and resolving leaky home issues with maintenance-free exterior solutions. Whether refreshing your home’s appearance or handling large-scale cladding for new developments, our team guarantees superior craftsmanship and enduring results.

We specialize in various cladding services such as Weatherboard, Re Cladding, Plaster Re Clads, uPVC Cladding, Palliside Cladding, and Linea Cladding. These solutions are durable, impact-resistant, and designed for New Zealand’s specific climate conditions, offering cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

Our approach is meticulously tailored to each client’s specific needs, ensuring flawless installations and perfect finishes. With material guarantees up to 25 years and 10 years on workmanship, we are your go-to for reliable cladding services in Wellington. Contact us today on 04 887 3470 for a no-obligation estimate and start transforming your property into your dream space.


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We Provide Superior Wellington Cladding Services

Timber Weatherboards

Timber weatherboard cladding provides a timeless appearance, enhancing the traditional aesthetic of any home while incorporating modern durability features. It is treated to withstand Wellington’s environmental conditions, ensuring long-term beauty and performance. Our installation team focuses on precision, ensuring that each board aligns perfectly for maximum weather resistance and curb appeal.

Exterior Plastering

Exterior plaster finishes are favored for their ability to create a smooth, clean look that complements various architectural styles. Our plaster solutions are crafted to be durable against the harsh Wellington weather, ensuring a long-lasting, maintenance-free exterior. We also offer a range of textures and colors, allowing for a customized appearance that enhances your home's value.

Hardies Cladding

Hardies cladding is designed for its resilience and adaptability, making it suitable for a wide range of building types. Known for its resistance to fire, moisture, and termites, Hardies cladding provides a protective shell that maintains its integrity over the years. We ensure that each installation is executed with strict adherence to quality standards, providing a reliable and attractive outcome.

Iron & Sheet Metal Cladding

Iron and sheet metal cladding are ideal for creating a modern industrial look, offering both aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability. These materials are particularly resistant to fire and rot, making them a wise choice for Wellington’s variable climate. Our skilled installation ensures that your metal cladding will not only look great but also provide superior protection.

Exotic Timber Cladding

Exotic timbers offer unique grain patterns and colors, bringing an element of luxury and distinction to your property. Specially treated to resist the local climate, our exotic timber cladding options combine beauty with practicality. We provide expert advice on the best types of wood for your specific needs, ensuring that your investment enhances the visual appeal and value of your home.


Windows play a crucial role in the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home, which is why we offer a diverse range of styles and frames tailored to your specifications. Our windows are designed to maximize light while minimizing heat loss, providing comfort and savings on energy bills. We also ensure professional installation for optimal performance and durability.

Rotten weatherboard and facia repairs

Repairing rotten weatherboard and fascia is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of your home. Our team expertly identifies the extent of the damage and uses quality materials for repairs, preventing future issues and restoring the original charm of your property. We provide thorough solutions that address both aesthetic concerns and underlying structural needs.

Leaky home repairs

Leaky home repairs require expert knowledge to effectively seal and protect your home from further damage. Our team specializes in identifying and rectifying the sources of leaks, using advanced techniques and materials to ensure a comprehensive solution. We focus on restoring safety and comfort to your home, with minimal disruption to your daily life.

New build cladding

Our new build cladding services offer innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of new constructions. From selecting the right materials to precision installation, we ensure that every aspect of your cladding contributes to a visually appealing and structurally sound building. Our approach combines aesthetics, functionality, and durability to meet the high standards of new construction projects.

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New Commercial & Residential Cladding Installation and Refurbishment Options

Explore our extensive range of cladding options at our Wellington cladding company, tailored to meet your vision and budget. We are committed to guiding you in choosing the ideal cladding solution to enhance your property’s exterior. Additionally, we provide expert cladding refurbishment services. If your cladding shows signs of wear or simply needs an update, our skilled team is ready to restore its original beauty.

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Residential Cladding Wellington

At our Wellington cladding company, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional cladding solutions tailored to the unique needs of residential properties. Our experienced team is adept at handling various residential cladding projects, from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of cozy suburban homes to providing durable and functional cladding for modern apartments. With us, you can expect high-quality cladding options that perfectly complement the style and functionality of your home.




Commercial Cladding Wellington

At our Wellington cladding specialists, we prioritize delivering high-quality cladding solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial properties. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges of various commercial cladding projects, whether it’s for a bustling office, a retail space, or a large facility requiring durable and practical cladding. You can rely on us to provide cladding solutions that not only meet the aesthetic and operational requirements of your business but also enhance its overall appeal and functionality.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Wellington Cladding Team

If you need reliable and affordable cladding services in Wellington, our Wellington cladding company is your go-to provider. Our skilled team covers the entire Wellington region, from central locations to the outer suburbs, ensuring top-notch cladding solutions for every client.

Quality Material

At our Wellington cladding company, we are committed to providing superior cladding solutions that merge durability with exceptional aesthetics. Our expert team focuses on delivering cladding options that not only beautify your property but are also built to last, ensuring a significant enhancement to your living or working space. We are dedicated to offering products that stand the test of time, providing lasting value to your Wellington home or business.


At our Wellington cladding company, we are recognized as a leader in the industry, committed to the highest standards of quality. Every project we handle is a testament to our dedication to excellence and service. We ensure that each cladding solution not only meets but exceeds expectations, enhancing the aesthetic and durability of your property.

Broken Down Quote

At Wellington's premier cladding service, we ensure total transparency in our pricing. Every project comes with a detailed, itemized quote, clearly outlining all costs involved. This means you can plan your budget with confidence, knowing there are no hidden fees to surprise you later.

Styles For All Budgets

Wellington Cladding Company offers a diverse range of cladding solutions starting at just $150 NZD per square meter, accommodating various budgets. Whether you're in search of luxury finishes or cost-effective alternatives, our selection is designed to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Extra Upgrades

Our Wellington cladding team offers a variety of innovative cladding options. Choose from custom enhancements, integrated weatherproofing solutions, stylish trim options, and more, all designed to elevate the appearance and durability of your property's exterior.

Built To Last

Our Wellington cladding team is recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship. Every cladding installation we perform not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but is also constructed to withstand the test of time, making us your trusted experts for all cladding needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing new cladding is an important decision that can significantly enhance the value and safety of your property. We understand that you might have several questions about the selection process, costs, materials, and overall expectations. To assist you, we have developed a comprehensive FAQ section that covers all aspects of cladding installation.

Whether you are considering upgrading the exterior of your building or simply exploring the possibilities, our FAQ section will provide you with the guidance needed for every stage of your project. If you have more specific queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we are here to support you!

Cladding offers several benefits including enhanced protection against external weather elements, which can prevent structural damage over time. It also improves thermal insulation, leading to reduced energy costs by keeping the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Additionally, cladding can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal and increase the market value of your property, providing a fresh and modern look that can mimic various textures and styles.

There are various cladding materials available, each with its own benefits. Vinyl cladding is affordable and low maintenance; wood offers a classic look but requires more upkeep; fiber cement is extremely durable and offers a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics; and metal, particularly aluminum, provides a sleek, contemporary finish and excellent durability. The best choice depends on the climate conditions of your area, the architectural style of your building, and your specific durability needs and budget constraints. Learn more about types of cladding on our blog.

The durability of cladding depends on the material used. Vinyl can last up to 30 years, while metal cladding, like aluminum or steel, can last 40 years or more with minimal maintenance. Fiber cement has a lifespan of about 50 years, and high-quality wood cladding can last 25 to 40 years if maintained properly. Choosing the right material and regular maintenance are key factors that extend the lifespan of cladding materials.

Cladding maintenance typically involves routine cleaning to prevent dirt and grime build-up, which can retain moisture and lead to damage. For wooden cladding, staining or painting might be necessary every few years to protect against moisture and UV light. Metal cladding may require repainting if corrosion occurs, and inspections for dents or damage are advisable after severe weather conditions. Regular checks for any signs of damage or wear are crucial to maintaining the integrity and appearance of the cladding.

Yes, cladding significantly contributes to the energy efficiency of a building. It acts as an additional layer of insulation, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling, which lowers energy consumption and utility bills. Certain cladding materials like insulated vinyl or specialized panels designed for thermal resistance can be particularly effective in enhancing energy efficiency.


The cost of cladding varies depending on the material and the scale of the project. Vinyl is generally the most economical option, offering a good balance between cost and performance. Materials like timber, metal, and fiber cement are more expensive but provide greater durability and a distinctive aesthetic. Installation costs also play a significant role in the overall expenses and can vary widely based on the complexity of the installation and the geographical location. 

The cladding installation process starts with the removal of the old façade, if applicable, followed by surface preparation which may include repairs or leveling. The new cladding materials are then measured, cut, and securely fixed to the building's exterior using nails, screws, or adhesive, depending on the type of cladding. Proper sealing and finishing are crucial to ensure protection against moisture and to achieve the desired aesthetic result.


Yes, in most cases, a permit is required for cladding installation, especially if it involves significant structural changes or additions to the building. Local building codes and regulations must be adhered to, and it's advisable to consult with local authorities or a professional to understand the specific requirements in your area.

When choosing a cladding installation contractor, look for experience, licensing, and positive reviews from past clients. Ensure they offer a warranty on both materials and their workmanship. A reputable contractor should provide a clear contract detailing the scope of the project, timeline, costs, and materials used. They should also be willing to discuss and accommodate your specific needs and preferences.

Guarantees for cladding installations typically cover materials and labor. Material guarantees can vary from 10 to 25 years, while workmanship is often guaranteed for several years by the contractor. These guarantees protect against defects and ensure that any issues related to installation or material failure within the guarantee period are resolved without additional cost to the homeowner.

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